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Your Career Aspirations With This Exciting Carpet Cleaning Business That Earns You Great Profits And Fits Easily Around Your Family If you’re motivated and driven with the desire to run your own carpet and upholstery cleaning Franchise then here’s your chance to get involved with the industry’s leading organization.

CarpetKare Franchise

A CarpetKare Franchise provides excellent prospects for ambitious and motivated people.

Work for yourself but not on your own Provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services people can trust Earn a lucrative income Create your dream lifestyle for you and your family Enjoy a better quality of work life balance Exceed your career and personal aspirations Build a reputable business based on integrity and professional ethics A proven business model to follow for long term growth A CarpetKare Franchise Helps Protect People and Businesses
From Spending Thousands On Replacements

CarpetKare Franchise

Just think how rewarding it is to run a business providing an essential service that can actually help people save a lot of money. With home and business owners more conscious of their spending these days, replacing carpet or upholstery after spills, accidents or damage is just too costly and they seek affordable alternatives.

There is a lot more to treating carpet or upholstery than people realise and it’s this lack of knowledge that can actually cause more damage to the carpet or upholstery fibres. A common mistake is to rub a stain with a shop bought stain remover however, this often only leads to pushing the stain deeper into the fibre. The best application is to lift the stain using expert knowledge and technique.

Applying heat to a carpet ensures a thorough deep clean to sterilise the carpet helping to lift ground in dirt, destroy bacteria and carpet mites. It’s essential to control the amount of heat to a carpet with professional equipment that easily keeps the correct temperature. Many don’t realise this when hiring an average carpet cleaning machine and is the biggest reason for people or businesses being forced to invest in replacement carpets because when too much heat is applied to the carpet it can shrink and creates irreversible and very costly damage.

So you can see why CarpetKare services are in such high demand and growing rapidly and you could soon become one of our professionally trained specialist CarpetKare Franchisees providing home and business owners with the correct treatments to prolong the life of their carpet and upholstery.

Your CarpetKare Franchise Can Clean Up Because…

The Future Is In Restoration Not Replacement!

People desire to have their homes looking, feeling and smelling as fresh as possible and with budgets squeezed ever tighter they can no longer afford the luxury of replacing their carpet or upholstery after an incident or just general family living.

Business owners are the same and they have to carefully consider the need to provide customers and staff with clean, fresh and welcoming interiors with the large cost of any replacements.

Both home and business owners look at the most suitable, professional and affordable alternatives to help them restore and freshen what they have and eliminate the need for costly replacements.

Your CarpetKare Franchise offers home and business owners the complete solution to all their carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. So you can see how easy it is for you to build a lucrative and successful business as a CarpetKare Franchisee.

Here’s what else you can help people and businesses with:

A clean, fresh environment to be proud of Improved indoor air quality for family and staff well being Protecting investment in carpet and upholstery by helping to prolong its usage Personal satisfaction Warm and welcoming home Professionally presented business premises Attracting and appealing property for sale

Plus, clean, fresh carpets and upholstery can help to achieve a quicker sale at a higher selling price so you could be helping home owners with their future too!

Remember, we teach you everything you need to run a successful van based CarpetKare Franchise working from home with the potential earnings of up to £40,000 a year.

And if you have greater ambitions to grow your CarpetKare Franchise in the future we can help you expand into a management based operation, but this is not compulsory.

Is a CarpetKare Franchise right for you?

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Carpet Cleaning Companies

The best way to avoid most problems is by taking preventive measures. But the usual scenario is that something happened and now it must be dealt with. This is usually the case with mold in your carpeting, showers, walls, and so on and so forth. Commonly the methods used to kill mold and bacteria was with bleach. While bleach is an effective killer, it is a caustic and dangerous chemical to handle.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaning Companies
Finding more natural ways to excise mold has become a part of the green movement.Pretty much any natural cleaning book will tell you that vinegar and water is the only cleaner you need. A solution of vinegar and water is said to clean just about anything, and can replace your commercial bought cleaners. There is no doubt that a vinegar solution is on the list of natural methods to kill mold and mildew. On the more fancy and expensive side is the use of solutions of Tea tree oil and solutions of Grape seed oil. Both solutions are tried, tested, and known as fungus killers.The most common and quickly remedied mold is mold found in the bathroom. Your bathroom is full of pipe work and water. This gets splashed around and does not always make it down the drain. This leads to excess moisture and can cause the growth of mold and mildew.

The aforementioned solutions can easily kill off fungal growth in your bathroom. Again prevention is the key. Before your house starts growing mold, check your home for damp spots, leaking pipes, and extra humidity. Consider getting a room dehumidifier for overly humid rooms in your house. If you have leaky pipes, have them fixed. If your Air Conditioning condenser is producing too much moisture, have it inspected. The earlier any issues are identified and handled, the less likely the chance your home will need a mold remediation service.

Four Ways to Keep Carpet Clean

When’s the last time you cleaned your carpet? Be honest.

If you’re like most people, the last time you cleaned your carpet was when there was a spot to remove, an obvious stain, or the carpet had gotten so bad that you couldn’t take the stink any longer. Most people would prefer to replace their carpets at this stage—but when they do, they find that their poor cleaning habits just lead to another poorly-maintained carpet.

Four Ways to Keep Carpet Clean

If you recently replaced your carpet, you can change all that with just a few tips—as long as they’re consistently applied, you’ll squeeze more life out of your carpet and keep it smelling fresh and clean throughout its longer life:

1. Vacuum. A vacuum does a lot more for a carpet than merely sucking up a little debris here and there. In fact, if you knew how powerful vacuuming can be in keeping your carpets fresh and clean, you’d likely do it more often. Which is exactly what we want you to do. Vacuuming will keep your carpet dry, for starters, ensuring that you avoid the moisture that can lead to smells. Vacuuming cleans the carpet, as well, but it also keeps the fibers fresh and active, ensuring that you avoid a “matted down” look that builds up over time. Vacuum regularly, even when your carpets are relatively clean. How often? Some cleaners recommend “as much as you can,” but realistically, try to vacuum a few times per week.

2. Clean new stains immediately. Admit it: you’ve had a few “lazy” moments. You spill something on the carpet, but you’re just too invested in that CitruSolution article about how to make your carpet last longer that you can’t get yourself to look away. Or you might not even notice a stain until walking around later. The best thing you can do when you stain your carpet is get to treating it immediately. Some people recommend a vinegar/water solution applied in a spray bottle. This will do the trick for many stains. But the real key? Timing. A stain only sets in when it has time to set in, and a proactive approach will prevent the soaking in that does long-term damage.

3. Move around the furniture regularly. No, you don’t have to do this once a week. But do it more often than your neighbor down the hall, the one who’s had the couch and TV in the same formation since the 1990s. This will ensure that your whole carpet gets somewhat regular vacuum exposure, and the rotation will help avoid matting down any one area of the carpet too much.

4. When it’s time to clean, work with a professional. Tooting our own horn? Sure. But it’s still good advice. Working with a professional cleaner will help ensure that every step of your next carpet cleaning, from washing to rinsing to drying thoroughly, will give you the results you’re looking for, extending the life of your carpet and maintaining the vibrant color that you paid for in the first place.

Four Problems You Can Fight with Clean Carpets

We clean carpets. So it stands to reason that the only problem we help people with here at CitruSolution  is, well, dirty carpets.


Well, we do help people with dirty carpets. But there’s so much more that having a thoroughly-cleaned carpet can do. Many of our customers report all sorts of great benefits simply because their carpets are no longer the moldy, stinky rags they once were.

Don’t believe us? Here are four problems we’ve seen helped or even fixed with clean carpets.

Four Problems You Can Fight with Clean Carpets

1. Allergy symptoms.

This is no guarantee, of course—there’s no substitute for good medical treatment. But it’s certainly true that many people will see some abatement of allergy symptoms after we’ve cleaned their carpets for them.

Naturally, individual results will vary. And no matter what some companies will claim, there’s simply no way to eliminate all of the allergens and dust mites from a carpet with 100% certainty. That’s asking the impossible.

There’s more you can do to help your at-home allergy symptoms than the carpet cleaning as well. Over at our FAQ, we recommend using disposable electrostatic air filters for your supplies of heat and air.

2. Asthma.

Fighting asthma in this context is somewhat similar to fighting allergies. In fact, it’s the AFFA—the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America—that has stated that carpet cleaning can help remove the irritants that can trigger both allergies and asthma. So if you’ve noticed your asthma symptoms are worse at home, there’s a good chance that your carpets have a lot to do with it.

We recommend that anyone considering a carpet cleaning try to observe how they feel when on vacation, and out of the home for several days at a time. If you have fewer allergies and better asthma, you might want to consider getting a thorough carpet cleaning when you return home.

3. Long-term carpet problems.

Having a good, thorough carpet cleaning is important—because a poor cleaning can actually harm the long-term health of your carpets.

Allow us to explain. Think about what happens when you take a shower and you shampoo without rinsing. Your hair is left feeling greasy and soapy afterwards, doesn’t dry properly, and ends up irritating you all day.

It’s similar with carpets. Without a good rinsing afterwards, your carpets can be more likely to attract the nasty stuff that made them dirty in the first place. So if you want healthy carpets in the long-term, a good thorough cleaning with an effective rinse is the key.

4. Mildew.

One mistake many people make when cleaning their own carpets is to over-wet them. Keeping the carpets too moist can be a breeding ground for mildew, which eventually disturbs the air quality and general “feel” of your home. Needless to say, you don’t want mildew building up in your carpets.

Keeping your carpets clean after a good wash from CitruSolution will mean vacuuming. This “dry-cleaning” remedy removes many of the dirt, grime, and microscopic nasties that are lurking within your carpet. Regular vacuuming will help keep your carpets clean and mildew-free.

Best Way To Clean Carpet

Standard vacuum cleaning is the most ideal approach to clean carpet and to keep it as new for a more drawn out timeframe. Nonetheless, expert cleaning is required no less than consistently to delay its life and to uproot those intense sleek stains which vacuuming alone can’t evacuate. It is vital to clean your floor carpeting consistently to secure its excellence and to delay its life. On the other hand, it is key to utilize the right techniques and proper cleaning system that suits your rug sort and is the most ideal approach to clean carpet to maintain a strategic distance from any harm to the individual filaments.

Best Way To Clean Carpet

Best Way To Clean Carpet
Cleaners everywhere throughout the world prescribe boiling hot water extraction technique as the most ideal approach to clean carpet. Cleaning arrangement alongside exceptionally heated water is showered on the floor carpeting with full constrain. This discharges even the hardest stains stuck in the cushioning. Quickly an effective vacuum sucks up the arrangement and the earth, leaving the rug just soggy to touch.
You can likewise steam clean yourself by leasing or acquiring steam cleaning machine. However, this regularly brings about a considerable measure of issue. For example,

Doing yourself can bring about over wetting which may bring about molds underneath the rug cushioning and the floor carpeting support may isolate.

• Furthermore, the greater part of the home based cleansers tend to desert a deposit which re-draws in earth speedier.

• A fiber defender is an unquestionable requirement after you or the expert has cleaned your floor carpeting. They don’t evacuate the stains yet helps in uprooting them effectively when there’s a stain or spill on your rug, at last dragging out your floor carpeting’s life.

In the event that you plan to steam clean yourself, lease a mechanical steam cleaner and include some degreaser alongside water in the container. Take a stab at cleaning the concealed territories first to get the perfect measure of degreaser particularly in the event that it’s a hued rug. An excessive amount of may desert a deposit, where as too little will bring about over weakened arrangement. On the off chance that build up is abandoned, you may apply a vinegar in your last cleaning cycle. At the point when cleaning dim hued floor carpeting, it is fitting to apply the arrangement on a subtle zone first before cleaning the whole carpet in order to stay away from staining.

Thus, steam cleaning is viewed as the most ideal approach to clean carpet. It’s not just viably uproots all the pet hair, germs and earth inserted from regular life additionally resuscitates your floor carpeting’s look. A perfect floor carpeting enhances air quality and makes a hygienic situation. Regular profound cleaning keeps up a floor carpeting’s hue and excellence as well as drawing out its life. best way to clean carpet